We don’t like to wear a mask? neither does our world!
We pollute the air with toxic fumes- We created a mask for the atmosphere
We pollute the waters with toxic fluids- We created a mask for the oceans, seas, rivers and
We pollute our land with toxic trash-We created a mask for our land and it is suffocating
We pollute our forests with the rush- to chop trees and more and more trees- We created a
mask of distraction of natural beauty and kill animals that live in it. Yes, we are killing wildlife,
and we are removing our oxygen suppliers and producers.
We have a gorgeous planet who needs protection and it has many masks around it’s habitats
that are no fun at all, it needs to breath, it needs to inhale fresh air. It needs to be free of
pollutant waters and it is begging us to save it, let it be as beautiful as it can be. Let it heal.
CAN WE now understand how uncomfortable it is when to wear a mask around our faces? Our
body is not happy with masks, our lungs want fresh air without the threat of a virus, out
muscles want to exercise without the threat of catching the virus and becoming weak, our
hearts want to love and hug and be close to loved once.
We need our immune system to get help and get stronger, our planet needs help too, we are
the cure for making it heal and prosper again. We can start small; use trash cans for waste and
waste less- while recycling more.
Those who smoke- could you keep your cigarette buds away from the land? they are
“poisonous seeds” to our soil. Please place them in the trash when you finish your smoke and
do not decorate the grass, side walk, and parks with your unwanted waste.
When you are done drinking and eating outdoors, can you remove, all that is left, away from
the ground? Take the mess to recycle or trash? The earth did not ask to share your meal. It did
not ask you to leave bottles and rappers and plates free to lie there and rot, or not rot.
Please be aware of the surroundings needs, the way you care for your own needs!
Thank you for reading this. Thank you for being willing and ready, to make a change!

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